Ulf Färnsveden

Ulf Färnsveden is an international Economist with 30 years of experience in Development Cooperation and 22 years in Gender Mainstreaming and broad experience of working with Institutional development of national gender authorities, Employment, Market Sector Development and MSME development. Ulf have two best case MSME projects one five year-project in Uruguay for EU and another project for Inter-American Development Bank in Mexico when it comes to making the market work for the neediest people. Expert for EBRD in women´s access to capital and women´s access to employment and equal opportunities. Ulf is expert on gender, socioeconomic analysis, and gender mainstreaming in all sectors. Ulf is one of seven consultants supporting Sida gender help desk with help desk assignment and he has carried out around 50 assignment. Ulf has experience from North- and Sub-Saharan Africa; South-, Southeast- and Central Asia; South, Central and North America: Europe: Western Balkans, Eastern Europe and Turkey. He has worked for various financing agencies and multilateral organisations Like European Commission, EBRD, IADB, World Bank Group, Sida, Danida, and the UN organisations: UNDP, UNFPA, UN Women, UNGAI, UNICEF and more.


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