Water and gender in Kosovo

15 October 2018 The 9 and 10 of October, NCG carried out a gender and water roundtable withìn the Kosovo Environment Project (KEP), managed by the Ministry of Environment and Spatial planning, financed by Sida and coordinated by Finnish Consulting Group. Highlights...

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Gender Budgeting

NCG Sweden organised a two-day workshop on Gender Responsive Budgeting, held at the NCG-office in Bromma, Sweden. The workshop was led by Nicole Farnsworth, an experienced activist and researcher from the Kosovo Womens Network´. It combined theory, practice, examples...

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Supporting local governance in Northern Iraq

Nordic Consulting Group has recently won a three year advisory services assignment with SKL International in Iraq, starting October 2018. Ms. Delvin Arsan is NCG’s representative for Component leader for the component north for a project aimed at supporting local...

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