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Following is a list and short description of completed Helpdesk assigments:

Access to the full report can be obtained by contacting the Helpdesk Team Leader and/or Deputy team Leader


Assignment Description Department/Embassy Expert
1. Gender entry points to “Fortalecimiento de la resilencia de los hogares en el corredor seco de Guatemala para vivir major”. Input and identification of entry points regarding gender mainstreaming within the provided concept note. Embassy of Sweden in Guatemala Ulf Färnsveden
2. Gender assessment of the program “Safe and Inclusive Trade Horizons for Developing Countries”. Review the program from a gender perspective by looking at some key documents and provide recommendations.. GLOBEC, SIDA Anja Taarup Nordlund
3. Review of the “Sida Gender and Poverty Brief” Sida and provide input for changes.
See under assignment. Thematic Support Unit, Sida Shereen Allam
4. Review and update of Sida´s gender equality briefs on:
– Gender Analysis
– Gender Mainstreaming
– How Sida works with Gender Equality.
Review and update the briefs, including assessing how other multilaterals (UN and OECD-DAC esp.) and Swedish government use the gender integration concepts. INTEM/TEMA Shereen Allam
5. Draft outline of a SEA/H module for Sida. Reveiw existing materials, including guidelines, training materials, position statements and e-learnings on SEAH and provide draft outline of a SEAH module. Thematic Support Unit, Sida Viktoria Saxby
6. Definition of 9 sub-thematic areas. Desk study to provide an overview of Sida´s existing definitions of selected sub-thematic areas to be used in external/internal communication materials and gender tool box. INTEM/TEMA Anna Lidström
7. Input to the development cooperation strategy for MENA 2021-2025. Provide gender equality input to the regional development cooperation strategy to the MENA region, with special focus on democracy, HR, environment and peaceful and inclusive societies. Thematic Support Unit Ulf Färnsveden
8. Input to the strategy for Sweden´s international develoment cooperation with Palestine 2020-2024. Contribute to the up-coming operationalisation process in order to ensure an effective mainstreaming of gender in the three support areas
(1) democracy/HR)Rule of Law/gender,
(2) inclusive economic development and
(3) environment and climate change.
INTEM/TEMA Anja Taarup Nordlund
9. Revision of Raoul Wallenberg Institute´s gender equality strategy. Review the potential practical effectiveness and efficiency of RWI´s gender equality strategy in context of an ongoing cooperation project. MENA unit at HUMASIA Jane Kiragu
10. Beog Puuto SoS Sahel Gender Strategy. Review the Gender Strategy for the Beog-Puuto project and provide recommendations for consideration. HUMASIA Paul Dixelius
11. From Gender blind to Gender sensitive: Transforming Organizations. Provide a description of an organization (fictive) which was gender blind and took measures to become gender sensitive and provide a checklist for organizational assessment of gender equality. Regional Africa Donjeta Morina
12. OECD-DAC Gender Equality Policy Marker. Review of the gender tool on Gender equality policy marker in accordance with comments provided and develop an exercise for practicing how to use the gender policy maker. Regional Africa Åsa Eldén
13. Prepare examples for Sida’s training courses Prepare examples for training, including gender transformative programs, gender blind projects and exercises on how to analyse and make them gender sensitive, using international frameworks. Thematic Support Unit Anja Taarup Nordlund
14. Strategy reports extracts for annual Sida report Review strategy reports and extract (CRD) relevant information on gender equality, including examples of results and lessons. INTEM/TEMA Åsa Johansson
15. Input to INTOSAI Development Initiative’s  gender strategy Provide input to IDI’s gender equality strategy, including supportive dialogue  with stakeholders and the gender focal point to discuss the major comments. Thematic Support Unit Åsa Johansson
16.  E-learning input Produce input to Sida´s e-learning platform, especially module 1 and feedback on the final modules for testing.  Thematic Support Unit Suzana Zivkovic
17.Rapid organisational assessment of Sida’s Strategic Partner Organisations (SPOs) in Latin America Carry out a spot check of the Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) organisation on gender mainstreaming, linked to the process of CRD applying to become a SPO. Civil Society Unit at Sida (CIVSAM) Mireia Cano
18. Civil Rights Defenders (CRD) organisational review Assess the quality and implementation of the organisation’s policies on gender and gender mainstreaming as well as capacities and management support for gender mainstreaming; provide recommendations and contribute to learning within CRD and local partner organisations. Partnership and innovations/Sida CIVSAM Ulf Färnsveden
19. Merging of tools on how Sida works with gender equality

Develop a gender tool on how Sida works with gender equality based on existing tools and other documents, including description of Sida’s model for gender equality (gender mainstreaming, targeted interventions and dialogue).

 Thematic Support Unit Anja Taarup Nordlund
 20. Mapping gender equality support in Afghanistan Provide a narrative report which outlines the relevant donors, INGOs and local actors who work with gender equality in  Afghanistan and a discussion of identified gaps in terms of mainstreamed and targeted support.  HUMASIA Donjeta Morina & Viktoria Saxby
21. Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment Provide Sida with a final and complete script of a SEAH module/training for Sida’s e-learning course. Thematic Support Unit Viktoria Saxby
22. Mapping of key donors and organisations working on gender equality in Cambodia Conduct a desk review of donors who support the advancement of gender equality, and mapp national and international organisations who work with gender equality in Cambodia HUMASIA Mireia Cano
23. Review the draft gender policy of the African Organisation of English-speaking Supreme Audit Institutions (AFROSAI-E)  Provide a brief analysis and recommendations to AFROSAI-E to proceed with gender mainstreaming into their work. UM Addis
(Regional Africa)
Alexei Buzu
24. Assessment of the cooperation project between the Swedish Tax Agency and the State Tax Service of Moldova Conduct a gender assessment of the Tax Project implemented in Moldova with  Swedish support and provide recommendations on how to mainstream gender in project activities. Swedish Embassy in Moldova (Eurolatin) Alexei Buzu
25. ProValAB Gender Strategy

Review the ProValAB Gender Strategy for the project “Agricultural development of small dams” and provide comments for improvements.

Swedish Embassy in Burkina Faso (Regional Africa) Paul Dixelius
26. Strategy targets reporting Provide an overview of information based on the strategy targets on gender equality which are prioritised for Sida’s annual report 2020. Thematic Support Unit Åsa Johansson
27. Organisation assessment for Georgian Farmers’ Association (GFA) Review the GFA’s five-year strategic plan. Swedish Embassy in Georgia Anna Lidström
28. Environmental capacity building on data use in Kosovo

Review a project proposal from Swedish Environmental Protection Agency ‘Naturvårdsverket’ on their proposed collaboration with their Kosovan counterpart.

Swedish Embassy in Kosovo (Eurolatin) Lesley Abdela
29. Analysis of UNOPS’s regional plan

Review the Support of Rural Electrification by renewable energy systems pilot phase in Liptako-Gourma region in relation to UNOPS gender parity and gender mainstreaming strategy.

Hållbar/Sida Åsa Johansson
30. Reall gender policy Analyse Reall’s gender policy and general strategy and provide short report with recommendations for further development. INTEM/SOCIAL Alicia Borges Månsson
31. Assess the project proposal Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security in Red Sea State Review project proposal and provide recommendations to ensure that the gender perspective is satisfactorily addressed. Hållbar/Sida Nuzzly Ruiz de Forsberg
32. Manuscripts for gender dialogues

Develop manuscripts for gender dialogues based on two project examples (gender mainstreaming and how to use the OECD/DAC policy marker)

Thematic Support Unit Suzana Zivkovic & Anja Taarup Nordlund
33. Beyond the Grid Fund for Africa (BGFA) procurement electricity  Review project documents and provide comments if the gender perspective is satisfactorily addressed in the information going out to companies bidding for BGFA. UM Kenya 
(Regional Africa)
Åsa Johansson
34. Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Sexual Harassment Prepare a generic training session on SEAH for Sida, and provide a list of cases to be used by Sida’s trainers and a list of references for further reading. Thematic Support Unit Viktoria Saxby
35. Mercy Corps dialogue Review the gender action plan and Analysis, provide comments and input to the discussions with BREAKWATER (Bolstering Rural Economies And Knowledge of Workable Actions To Enable Reconciliation in Central and Southern Mali). Hållbar/Sida (Africa) Anja Taarup Nordlund
36. Revision of the African Development Bank’s (AfDB) draft gender strategy Review the revised version of the AfDB’s draft gender strategy and provide comments Hållbar/Sida (Africa)

Ulf Färnsveden 


37. Technical support to International Vaccine Institute and its gender policy development Create a gender equality policy for the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) and provide an online training session for IVI’s management on gender issues. FORSK/PARTNER Annica Holmberg

38. PARTNER needs assessment


Design and conduct a gender audit for the Department for Partnership and Innovation, collect data and form a baseline to design future interventions on gender equality.

Department for Partnership and Innovation

Anja Taarup Nordlund

39. SPIN speed dating

Prepare and carry out dialogues with employees working at Sida’s unit SPIN; the dialogues serving to motivate further and more efficient integration of gender aspects into their work. 


 Anja Taarup Nordlund

40. Biodiversity concept note

Provide inputs on a concept note on gender equality and biodiversity, prepare a list of potential speakers in a seminar on the same topic as well as reading materials on the topic. 

Thematic Support Unit

Lesley Abdela

41. Bolivia, Strategy for Research Cooperation 2015-2021

Assess two programme proposals for the period 2021-2025 including results matrixes from two Bolivian universities, provide recommendations to Sida on how to support the universities with gender mainstreaming and recommendations to the universities on how to improve the to the programme proposals and results matrixes.


Nuzzly Ruiz de Forsberg

42. Review of a portfolio assessment

Provide inputs and references to guide Sida in assessing the relevance and methodology of the proposed draft template on a thematic portfolio analysis for gender equality.  

Thematic Support Unit

Anja Taarup Nordlund

43. GLOBEC MtR results areas compilation

Review and map contributions within Sida GLOBEC’s portfolio that are related to the strategy objective of Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) against a set of focus areas.


Åsa Johansson

44. Energy Efficiency ToR

Provide gender advices for the finalisation implementing an Energy Efficiency contribution in Uganda.

Swedish Embassy in Kampala

Shereen Allam

45. Module 3

Prepare an outline (including structure,  dialogues and cases for learning) for Module 3 of Sida´s e-learning on “Gender equality tools and methods”.

Thematic Support Unit

Suzana Zivkovic & Anja Taarup Nordlund

46.  Asia regional strategy

Develop a proposal for the new Strategy for Sweden’s regional development  cooperation in Asia and the Pacific with an aim to effectively mainstream gender in six support areas.

Swedish Embassy in Thailand

Alexei Buzu

47. Gender and Forestry brief on West Africa – ECOWAS

Review the final draft document of the publication on Gender and Forestry in West Africa – ECOWAS, and provide recommendations for improvement.

Regional Development Cooperation, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Shereen Allam 

48. Ethiopia analysis for strategy input 

Conduct a gender analysis on specific strategy areas to be included in the new Swedish development strategy for Ethiopia, including a new area on “Peaceful and inclusive societies”. 

Swedish Embassy in Ethiopia

Suzana Zivkovic 

49. Concept note: Joint Program in Ixil, Guatemala (led by UNDP) 

Provide recommendations on gender mainstreaming for the Ixil Joint Program’s concept note, as well as possible entry points to strengthen the gender pespective in the program document.

Swedish Embassy in Guatemala

 Ulf Färnsveden

 50. Gender equality, environment and climate change brief

Update a brief on the linkage between gender equality and climate change and environmental aspects; provide recommendations on designing, monitoring and evaluating gender-equal contributions.

Thematic Support Unit

Anja Taarup Nordlund

51. Review of the Weoog Paani revised project document 2019-2024 and corresponding budget

Support the operationalization of gender mainstreaming in the project and outline prioritized dialogue areas to be carried out among Sida, the Gender Helpdesk and the partner.

Swedish Embassy in Burkina Faso

Paul Dixelius

52. Strengthening resilience of communities through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation in the states of Red Sea, North Kordofan, River Nile and Northern Sudan 

Review the integration of the gender perspective in the concept note provided and provide suggestions for strengthening the perspective.

Hållbar/Sida (Africa)

Ulf Färnsveden 

53. Project proposal: Sudan Rural Electrification Mini-grid Market Development

Review the integration of the gender perspective in the project proposal and advise Sida on how to adjust the proposal for a strengthened gender perspective.

Swedish Embassy in Sudan

Afërdita Haxhijaha Imeri

54. National strategy for gender equality in Albania – inputs 

Assess the content and structure of the Albanian National Strategy for Gender Equality and provide recommendations for improvement.

Swedish Embassy in Albania

Anja Taarup Nordlund


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