Åsa Eldén

Åsa Eldén had more than 20 years of experience with gender equality in research, development cooperation, agencies, and CSOs in Sweden and internationally. Her thematic focus on gender-based violence, honour violence, gender mainstreaming, media, gender equality as a human rights issue, the shrinking democratic space and the women’s movement. In her different positions and assignments as researcher and consultant she has provided a wide range of services (research analysis, expert support, training, facilitation, gender integration etc etc) and developed tools and methods.

PhD in sociology from Uppsala University (2003). Thesis: “Life-and-Death Honour. Violent Stories about Reputation, Virginity and Honour”. Researcher at Uppsala University (2003-2010) Recurring faculty at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul (2006-2013). Senior Researcher at the Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul (2010-2013), visiting scholar at the Institute for Turkish Studies at Stockholm University. ‘

Senior/Lead Policy Specialist at Sida (2014, 2015-2017) and closely involved in the preparatory work for the “Strategy for Global Gender Equality and Women’s and Girls Rights”.


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