Annica Holmberg

Annica Holmberg has worked with international development emphasizing power relations and human rights since 1997. Gender equality (GE) has been a main focus in all her work, including gender program management, monitoring & evaluation, policy and method development for gender mainstreaming and intersectional feminist approaches. She has produced method material for several CSOs and trained a large number of civil society staff in the Global South and the Global North on gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, and rights-based GE strategies. She is an experienced evaluator, all evaluations have either had GE as a main focus, e.g. on WPP, WEE, and GBV, or as an integrated part. The last 15 years she has conducted a large number of assignments (thematic briefs, trainings, program development, evaluations and reviews) related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, including LGBTQI rights.


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