Alexei Buzu

Alexei Buzu is the executive director of the Partnership Center for Development, an organization that aims to reduce inequalities and promote equality for women and men in Moldova. Alexei has extensive experience in policy analysis from the perspective of inclusion and gender equality. His experience varies from sectors such as: health, labor market, water and sanitation, youth, migration, social assistance and, demography, trade and education. Alexei is one of the authors of the study – Unequal Moldova, this is the most comprehensive analysis of the most relevant inequalities in Moldova.

Alexei has been involved in organizational capacity building work for local and central authorities and numerous NGOs from Moldova, providing support to over 60 organizations and projects. His work has focused on the following organizational areas: (i) M&E systems, (ii) Management and Planning practices, (iii) Advocacy and Policy Analysis, and (iv) Good Governance and Transparency.


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