Anja Taarup Nordlund

Anja Taarup Nordlund has worked with gender equality for 18 years (16 in development). She has a M.Sc. in International Development and Public Administration. Anja is a level 1 gender and RBM expert to Sida since 10 years. She has undertaken gender expert missions to 33 countries in Europe, Balkan, Caucasus, S/E/C Asia, S/C America, Africa and the MENA region (stationed in Nicaragua for 2 years), and provided support from home to app 30 other countries. Anja has undertaken approximately 170 GENDER assignments since 2004, including as teamleader on two previous gender helpdesks to Sida. Her main expert areas are mainstreaming, women’s economic empowerment and decision-making, gender and environment and climate change. She has experience working with gender based violence. She has carried out a large number of gender assessments, portfolio analysis, trainings, coaching, dialogue with partners/Sida, facilitated seminars and conferences. She has vast experience of working with Development Finance Institutions (such as the World Bank and the EBRD), with international NGOs, public institutions in a number of countries, Swedish authorities and private companies. Anja has contributed to a range of methods and tools development, such as: analytical tool for assessment of organizational capacity for mainstreaming;  tools and trainings on gender and RBM/MEL processes; Checklists for thematic areas.


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