NCG Clients

NCG Sweden framework contracts:

  1. EIB Solid waste, water and crosscutting issues (in consortium with GWCC-Interival)
  2. EBRD Equal opportunities/gender (NCG is lead, in consortium with Oxford Policy Management)
  3. EBRD access to services/gender (in consortium with Oxford Policy Management as lead)
  4. Sida gender (in consortium with Orgut as lead)
  5. Sida evaluation (in consortium with Orgut as lead)

In addition, NCG Denmark and Norway hold a range of frameworks with Sida, Norad, Danida and EU.

Main clients since 2009:

  • African Development Bank (AfDB)
  • Asian Development Bank ADB)
  • Asian Institute of Technology (AIT)
  • Danish International Development Agency (Danida)
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)
  • European Investment Bank (EIB)
  • Grafiska Företagens Förbund (incl private companies in this alliance)
  • International Labour Organization
  • International Finance Corporation
  • lantmäteriet
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sweden)
  • NGOs (a range of Swedish and International NGOs)
  • Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)
  • Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)
  • Swedish International Development and Cooperation Agency (Sida, incl embassies and headquarter)
  • Swedish Institute
  • Swedish Standard Institute
  • Skogsinitiativet
  • Skogsstyrelsen
  • SKL (Swedish association of Local authorities – SALA)
  • Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI)
  • Tidningsutgivaren (TU) (incl private companies in this alliance)
  • UK Department of Development Cooperation (DfID)
  • United Nations CEF (UNICEF)
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)
  • World Bank (WB)

In addition NCG work with more than 50 NGOs in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and internationally.

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