Nicole Farnsworth

Nicole Farnsworth holds an MSc in Social Research from London School of Economics, specializing in social policy, gender, and development. She possesses more than 15 years’ experience with gender equality in development, including gender responsive planning; five years’ experience in gender mainstreaming diverse cooperation sectors; seven years’ experience with gender responsive budgeting; eight years’ experience with women’s economic empowerment and financing for gender equality; and 12 years’ experience related to gender-based violence. She has worked in 13 countries in Europe, Central Asia, Asia, Africa, and MENA.

Nicole has undertaken more than 25 gender assignments since 2004, including four for Sida. Meanwhile, she has led dozens of gender projects for the Kosovo Women’s Network, including serving as the Team Leader for the gender helpdesk for the EU in Kosovo since 2015. She has commenting on laws, policies, and other documents from a gender perspective; monitored and evaluated laws, policies, and programmes from a gender perspective; led more than 22 gender analyses in diverse sectors; designed new methodologies for gender mainstreaming development cooperation programming and gender responsive budgeting, respectively; and delivered training and mentoring on these themes to diverse audiences. She specializes in gender analysis using quantitative and qualitative methods, including gender statistics and indicators.


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