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Partner in NCG Sweden International Economist; Development Studies Gender

MSc. in International Development Studies at Sida (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) and PADRIGU (The Peace and Development Research Institute at Gothenburg University) (1999) and MSc. in International Economics specializing in Spanish and Finance from Gothenburg University/Brighton Business School/La Universidad de Valencia

Key qualifications
Ulf Färnsveden holds two Master´s degrees in development/aid focused on gender planning from the PADRIGU/Sida, and in International Economics. He is an expert in gender analysis, gender planning, gender mainstreaming and equal opportunities. Ulf has 27 years of experience in Development Cooperation and 20 years with gender issues. He provided gender advisory services to Sida (Swedish Development Cooperation Agency) between 2012-2015 (Eastern Europe, Turkey and the Balkans+ Latin America). From 2015-2019 he is gender advisor to Sida’s help desk.

He in charge of quality assurance (QA) for evaluations, and QA for gender country profiles for European Commission 2015 in Israel, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordanian and Lebanon. Ulf worked with Capacity Building of EU Office and Line Ministries in Kosovo when it comes to mainstreaming of gender quality in IPA projects in Kosovo 2014. 2015 he was contracted to work with capacity building in gender mainstreaming of IPA projects with the Ministry of European Union and the Central Financing and contracting unit in Turkey. gender mainstreaming Guidebooks and training material was produced and over 800 people were trained. He has conducted a dozen evaluations (gender as main topic) and others were gender was a cross-cutting issue, e.g.  evaluation of Sida´s support targeting men in gender equality, and was team leader for the Gender Country profile of Kosovo 2014, which is an example in Sida’s tool box. Ulf has also an individual framework contract with EBRD for the gender advisory service expert panel.

He co-wrote a gender and skills development paper – “Pathways for young marginalized women from School to Labour Market Inclusion”, which was a background paper for the EFA Global Monitoring Report 2012 related to United Nation’s Girls’ Education Initiative, New York, January 2012.

Sector experience
More than 15 years working with gender issues, mainly women in the labour market, Management, Women’s Economic Empowerment, equal opportunities, male involvement, but also in infrastructure projects. Ulf also has experience of PBA (Programme Based Approach), Local Economic Development, Business Centres, Institutional Development, Strategic Planning, organizational assessments, Evaluations and Fund Raising.

Country experience
Argentina, Albania, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Georgia, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Kosovo, Kyrgyz Republic, Laos, Macedonia, México, Nicaragua, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Tajikistan, Turkey, Ukraine Uruguay and USA.

Swedish – Mother tongue
English – Full professional proficiency
Spanish – Full professional proficiency


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