Framework agreement with Statistics Sweden on RBM, method and evaluation


In Consortium with ORGUT Consulting, NCG is providing support to Statistics Sweden (SCB) for strengthening tools for change towards gender equality in an International Training Programme (ITP), which is related to the Framework Agreement for Consultancy Services within the thematic area Gender Equality. The Consultants Ulf Färnsveden and Suzana Zivkovic task is supporting Sweden Statistics with tools for change and integrating it in their ITP course. The expected results are a stronger emphasis on change projects, theory of change and institutional/Organisational Development, with a gender perspective, in the agreed ITP. Apart from participating in the recruitment process and providing training on Theory of Change, change projects and gender equality to ITP participants from five low- and middle income countries, the Consultants are providing support to Statistics Sweden in integrating tools for change towards gender equality with the unique competence of SCB.


Nordic Consulting Group - CSR