NCG Swedens consultants has years of experience performing practical field work related to risk assessment and mitigation, management and institutional streghtening in especially large scale investments. NCG Sweden provides services with the following areas:


  • Social risk assessments and auditing (incl. on-site evaluations and reporting on labour and working conditions, indigenous rights, community health, safety and security, cultural heritage)
  • Risk mitigation strategies (social/environmental/financial)
  • Environmental assessments and auditing
  • Financial assessments and auditing
  • Information disclosure and/or communication strategies for human resource managment as well as stakeholder management
  • Stakeholder mapping and stakeholder engagement planning
  • Identification and/or analysis of potential partners for a CSR investment (e.g. to ensure that a philantropic investment goes into organisation with significant impact within their area or have a strong potential)
  • Business development in low/middle income countries – identification of opportunities for business and facilitating contact with local business development agencies and creation of strategies for market penetration
  • Intercultural communication (increasing mutual understanding)
  • Anti-Bribery/corruption Support