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Nordic Consulting Group Sweden is one of several companies of Nordic Consulting Group (NCG), a group of research and consultancy companies with offices in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin-America.

NCG Sweden offers research and advisory services in international cooperation and development and business development. The group has more than 100 professional partners in political and social science, economics and business development and resource management with broad international experience speaking Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portugese etc.

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NCG evaluates police capacity building in Albania

NCG’s senior evaluator Jocke Nyberg is the team leader in a Sida–evaluation of Sweden’s support to the Albanian State Police and Ministry of Interior. It is a capacity building project which includes strengthening community policing support, strategic management and...

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Are we there yet? The road to gender equality!

Daughter: Are we there yet? Father: No! Daughter: Now? Father: No! Daughter: Arrghhh! Why are we not there yet? Father: I do not know! So many have struggled for your rights as a girl, and soon to be a woman, for more than ten decades, but things seem to take a rather...

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Tips and Nuggets

Gender mainstreaming of target groups

Gender mainstreaming is about making the needs, opportunities and challenges of women, men, girls and boys visible and act accordingly. Being more aware about your target group  you engage with for whatever project, process or organizational development, is a key step...

Supporting local governance in Northern Iraq

Nordic Consulting Group has recently won a three year advisory services assignment with SKL International in Iraq, starting October 2018. Ms. Delvin Arsan is NCG’s representative for Component leader for the component north for a project aimed at supporting local...

Territorial peace initiative in four Colombian municipalities

Starting in September 2018, NCG will conduct a Mid-term review of a project aimed at strengthen national and municipal capacity to promote territorial peace in Colombia. The project, Fortalecimiento Institucional y Ciudadano para el Desarollo Territorial...