We are happy to say that an impact evaluation for the “Women in Business” programme with EBRD has been finalised. The programme has been ongoing since 2014 and is now in phase 2. NCG has been able to assess the programme’s impact on women-owned enterprises in the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership countries, and consequently helping EBRD to better support women and improve the programme. The final evaluation report is now published on Sida’s website and last week we finished up with a final seminar where the report was discussed thoroughly.

The reports show that the programme has led to an increase of women’s representation in the labour market, as well as developed the status of female business owners. The programme has also created more opportunities for young women and girls. Increasing the number of women-owned businesses increases the number of women and girls who can support themselves without having to rely on relationships for economic support. Women’s economic freedom is women’s economic empowerment!

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