As part of the Kosovo Environment Programme, implemented in consortium with FCG and Eptisa, a strategic planning workshop on gender equality was conducted with the gender equality, the Equal Opportunities and non-discrimination officer and designated team of co-workers at the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning in Kosovo. The workshop was conducted at the Sharri mountain where the participants could focus on identifying some of strategic areas and directions for working on enhancing their capacities and abilities to work towards gender equality. The programme team had earlier produced an Institutional Gender Analysis Report “Creating Equal Opportunities in the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning” and the overall goal of gender analysis has been to gain a deeper understanding of the current state of affairs related to gender equality. Findings and recommendations from the document served as a basis for identifying the strategic directions to draft the Strategy and Working Plan on Gender Equality in the Ministry.

The strategic planning on gender equality will be conducted by NCG Partners Suzana Živković and Ulf Färnsveden (Participation and Gender Expert within the Kosovo Environment Programme).

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