Armenia’s forests need intervention. Deforestation and forest degradation are believed to have social causes (to an extent), like rural poverty and use of illegal firewood when alternative energy is growing more expensive. Climate change is also a major threat to Armenia’s forests and biodiversity.

Sida has decided to support the project “Armenia Integrated Resilient Landscape Improvement Project” (AIR LIP for short), involving NCG Sweden to ensure that the gender equality perspective is considered. Special focus will be on both gender equality and the inclusion of local communities. Anja Taarup Nordlund and Regina Petrushenko from NCG are currently developing the gender analysis for the project, using the method for gender mainstreaming. The method entails assessing the implications for women in any project, policy or other planned action, to ensure that the gender perspective is always included and properly addressed.

When working to build environmental resilience, it must be noted that local women have valuable knowledge and experience about the lands that must be uplifted. This is an important reason why gender mainstreaming is needed for a more equitable and sustainable development.

The project is presented by the Armenian Government and led by the Ministry of Environment and the World Bank.

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