Baselines are complicated matters, especially global ones where various partners are involved. Here are some key learnings we have gathered from setting up global baselines:

  1. Make sure your partners understand and agree to what you want to achieve together (preferably this is done by engaging partners in proposal development) – this is a prerequisite if you want to agree on the baseline
  2. Be open to changing originally set indicators – they are not (or should not be) written in stone! Setting up the baseline is an opportunity to test how well suited the indicators are.
  3. Indicators must be relevant, capture results and change (not activities), be realistic to monitor and should of course provide meaningful information upon which the project/programme can make adjustments … don’t measure things just because you can!
  4. Do not operate with more indicators than what you have resources to actually monitor, report upon and get a meaningful learning from.
  5. Engage partners to the degree possible in the baseline development, communicate the results of the baseline – and when following up on the baseline ensure learning from results is done WITH partners!


Anja Nordlund,
NCG’s senior
Gender Equality and Equal Opportunity Expert

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