Daughter: Are we there yet?

Father: No!

Daughter: Now?

Father: No!

Daughter: Arrghhh! Why are we not there yet?

Father: I do not know! So many have struggled for your rights as a girl, and soon to be a woman, for more than ten decades, but things seem to take a rather long time!

Daughter: It is 2020, how difficult can it be?

Father: You are right! But! Who knows, we could be facing a Revolution in the 2020s. Never have this many women, men, girls and boys stood up and fought for Women’s Human Rights! I am hopeful that you will enjoy the same salary for the same work, get the same pension, be heard, take decisions … and that you can choose who you will have sex with and when, and if you should have children and when!

Daughter: In whatever may come, I am lucky to have you standing with me!

At the current pace, it would take a full century to achieve gender equality.1 We need to do more in order to create a world where everyone has equal opportunities and rights to shape their lives, regardless of gender!

1World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report 2020 http://www3.weforum.org/docs/WEF_GGGR_2020.pdf

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