Nordic Consulting Group 25 years

25 years

NCG started with three individual consultants from Norway, Sweden and Denmark deciding that they would cooperate as individual consultants in the infrastructure business. Rapidly the companies evolved, subcontracted staff and also grew as partner companies.

  • In 1985, Nordic Consulting Group AS was established as a private, limited liability consulting company in Oslo, Norway. Today with 17 partners.
  • In 1989 Nordic Consulting Group AS was established, this time in Copenhagen, Denmark and is now known as NCG Denmark. NCG Denmark now has 15 partners.
  • In 1992 Nordic Consulting Group AB was established in Stockholm, and is now known as NCG Sweden. Today NCG Sweden has 9 partners.
  • In 1994 NCG Zambia was established in Lusaka, Zambia and was the first of 13 overseas NCG companies in now in Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe to be established.

Now in 2010 this network of 16 different NCG companies is known as Nordic Consulting Group, from the Nordic counties to China and South Africa.

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