NCG celebrates today the knowledge, the ability and the strengths of women and girls across the globe, who fight for their human rights – and the men and boys who fight along their side.

International Women’s Day celebrates women and recognises their achievements without regard to divisions, whether national, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political. Some say the first women’s rights march was on 8 of March 1857 in the US. While this may be a myth, the first national women’s day was documented and observed 28 of February 1909 in US. In Copenhagen, 1910 women’s socialist  organisations met and suggested 8 of March to become an International Day. A Women’s march in London 1914 and the women’s textile workers march in Petrograd 1917 on the 8 of March manifested the day.

While communist countries started celebrating International Women’s Day after the Russian Revolution 1917, UN and with this also Sweden, have celebrated this day since 1975. Almost every year we discover and re-discover reasons to continue and intensify the struggle for women’s rights and empowerment with the aim to make the three dimensions of human rights a reality: respect, protect and fulfil – promises by almost all states in the world when they signed and ratified human rights conventions.


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